Group 666

The Emotional Journey of Your Event!


Welcome back to everyone that took part in last Monday's meeting and shared their emotions with the group!
In total, 35 participants shared their emotional feedback throughout the event. That means that more than 60 % of you actually joined the emotion channel. Great news!


Altogether, you shared more than 18 hours of emotional reactions. That's what we call social connectedness

At 8,5 % of the time, you were emotionally active. "What do you mean by emotionally active," you ask? Well, that's whenever our algorithms detect a significant reaction on your face. During the event, you showed an emotional reaction like a smile, a challenged expression, or a surprised face around 5 times every minute! 
By the way, the average emotional activation is just slightly above 5 %. It seems like your event was quite engaging! 


Out of all those emotional reactions, the TAWNY algorithm detected

  • 5.045 focused moments
  • 2.150 happy emotions
  • 1.095 surprised faces


Now let's see how the emotions of your group developed over time and what actually triggered your emotional reactions. For that, we'll have a look at how many of you showed the same significant reactions at the same time



First, the meeting started very enthusiastically as the new LIVE Emotions tool was introduced to the group (green curve).


A bit later the new team members were introduced with a very #warm #welcome.


Over time, the event became more serious and the team had a lot to focus on when the latest sales numbers were presented (orange curve). 


Towards the end, an overview of the latest project evoked some smiles. There were also some moments of positivity when the team said goodbye to one another.



Thank you for your participation!

We hope we could bring back some emotions to your event and give you a slight feeling of social connectedness in times of physical distance. If you're interested in using your TAWNY LIVE emotion channel for your event, please contact us!

All emojis designed by OpenMoji – the open-source emoji and icon project with license CC BY-SA 4.0.